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Receiving 2nd place (blue rosette) in Inventions Class at the Tullamore Show 2014
Slurrysafe installed in Moorepark with secondary safety door.
Slurrysafe installed in Moorepark.
Slurrysafe Lock & extraction point for hose.
Slurrysafe makes the farm a safer place to be.
Fencing only also installed.


Slurrysafe is a new product designed to save lives while agitating and spreading slurry from open slurry pits.

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What is Slurrysafe ?

Slurrysafe is a railed-in steel safety platform. The platform will be fitted to the existing concrete wall at the entrance to the open slurry pit. The safety platform has an agitation point on its steel non-slip floor and a separate entry point for the hose pipe used to extract the slurry. All steel is hot-dipped galvanized. A railing will also be provided to the existing gate posts where necessary.

Why is it safer ?

This safety platform eliminates the risk of the farmer/contractor falling in while operating the agitator.
The gate to the open slurry pit is always open while the farmer is filling the slurry spreader and indeed while the farmer is gone from the pit spreading the slurry in the fields. The platform creates a caged-in effect at the entrance to the slurry pit eliminating the risk of any children, adults or animals falling into the pit.

  • Between 2000 - 2009 14% of all farm deaths were caused by drowning and asphyxiation.
  • During that same time period "17 out of 20 fatalities with slurry have been from drowning" - indicating that drowning in slurry pits causes more fatal accidents than poisoning by slurry gases from covered pits.
  • Further to this "17% of all childhood deaths and 8% of deaths to elderly farmers were due to drowning in slurry" (Source: HSA Website)

Don't let your child be next

Agriculture is the only high risk industry that has to deal with the presence of children.

"As a farmer you are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of yourself, employees and others that may be affected by what you do. This includes contractors, casual or part time workers, trainees, neighbours, and family members" (Teagasc)

Patent Application No. EPO 13184597.6


"We have a young family and want to encourage our children to be active on and enjoy the experience of growing up on a farm. Without question, the installation of this safety platform makes our farm a safer place to be for our children". Alan Martin, Farmer

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